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Turku-based online store and satisfied customers since 2016

Flow into your life! Rechargeable battery solutions, batteries, chargers and even lamps! proakku .fi is an online store specialising in the import and export of batteries. The most important thing for us is to provide solutions that meet the customer's needs, from rechargeable batteries to measured battery packs. 

When you buy a Pro battery, you get fast delivery, two weeks return time, warranty and guaranteed good-tempered service!

Purpose of the Pro battery



Part of the pro battery story – how we became the number one battery

At the turn of the year 2020, the Pro battery was low. The company's ship was heading towards the port of pension, which seemed to remain the final end stop. But the story didn't have to end. The previous captain, of course, spends earned retirement days under the Spanish sun, but in january's darkness, two guys jumped to the helm of the low waters of the paid jobs. On principle, the pace replaces the missing technology the two dived directly into the deep basin of entrepreneurship. Electrical and battery issues are thoroughly known, but databases and server solutions were new challenges. 

In January 2020, we did not know about the maintenance of the online store or the payment of VAT payments to the tax authorities, but by doing the best lessons will be learned. The old website had been left unupdated for a long time, so we decided to renew the online store first. The previous store was based on Opencart, whose use seemed to require a degree in the it e-technology sector. So Pro-akku made his skin thoroughly and moved to its current address proakku .fi. The current deal works with Woocommerce, a wordpress engine. Woocommerce has been made very user-friendly, so even though there was no previous experience, it's going to work like grease. 

The basics have been established, so now it's time to focus on expanding the range and providing the best possible service to customers, whether it's 18650 batteries or battery packs tailored to the customer, we have a solution.

proakku tps collaboration
In the first year as new entrepreneurs, new things were made, such as supporting local sports!

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Jesi Verkkokaupat Oy

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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