Battery types

Type Chemistry Rated voltage Charging voltage
ICR LiCoO2 3,7 V 4,2 V
IMR LiMn, New Performance 3,7 V 4,2 V
IFR LiFePO4 3,3 V 3,6 V

ICR is the most common type of battery.

IMR capacity ICR battery smaller, but maximum discharge rate much higher.

IFR rated voltage lower, but withstand very high continuous current, are also lighter than the previous ones.

Li-Ion battery maximum continuous discharge current

Because the ways in which different manufacturers report the maximum discharge current of the battery differ considerably, we give our own recommendation as the largest discharge reverbe. Our own recommendation is based on battery tests carried out by our own and others.

Batteries provide a significantly high discharge current under extreme conditions, but the batteries do not last long. After a few bites at maximum current, the battery is former, as the battery heats up above the recommended temperature range. Our recommendation is the maximum current that the battery can actually produce according to the tests. This value is suitable for choosing the battery for e-cigarettes as such. When we follow our recommendation, the battery lasts much longer in e-cigarette use.

If the use of a high-power flashlight is continuous and long-term, it is worth the recommendation we give to make about 30% – 50% reduction. However, most of the flashlights are low-power and require only a few amps of power. 

Some manufacturers report the maximum continuous discharge current, others report the maximum pulse current, and some report both. However, at the moment, the values reported by almost all manufacturers are well above the top.