Charger Xtar VC4S – smart battery charger for 18650 and rechargeable batteries

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Battery charger for 18650 batteries – and all other
Xtar VC4S
For Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries – 18650, 26650, AA, AAA, etc.

Key features
• Processor-controlled three-phase charging process TC/CC/CV
• CC charging for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
• Two independent charging slots
• Charging current selectable: 1x 3A/2x 2A/4x 1A
• The VA LCD display shows the capacity, voltage, charging current and internal resistance of the battery
• Charging with any QC 3.0 compatible USB charger
• Resuscitation function for deeply discharged batteries
• Protection: short circuit, heating, wrong polarity


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Xtar VC4S – an improved version of the popular VC4 charger!

Xtar VC4s is a professional processor-controlled battery charger with a three-phase charging process. The clear LCD display shows the charging phase and battery status in real time. VC4S charges 1-4 Li-ion 3.6/3, 7V and Ni-MH battery cells in sizes: AAA/R03, AA/R6, R14/C, 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500, 26650.

The charger measures the internal resistance of the battery and determines the best charging method.

Note! The charger is powered by the supplied micro-USB cable. You can use your phone's charger, but only with the QC3.0/ vast quick charge compatible usb adapter you get the maximum and fastest charging current to use the charger. If you don't have a Fast Charge-compatible charger, watch the Xtar Six-U usb adapter and upgrade directly to the world of fast charging with six USB ports.

What is three-step TC/CC/CV charging?

The automatic charging process keeps the battery cells in good condition for a long time by charging at the appropriate voltage at all stages, and by switching off the charging at the appropriate time. The three charging steps are:

  • TC (Trickle Charge) Wake-up: Deep discharged cells at less than 2.9 V are brought to life at a lower voltage
  • CC (Constant Current) Steady current: The battery cell is charged with a constant current when its voltage is above 2.9V. Charging current Xtar VC4S battery charger can be 1 x 3A / 2 x 2A/3 x 1A/4 × 0.5A
  • CV (Constant Voltage) Constant voltage: When the battery is almost fully charged, the charger will start to reduce the charging current (A) until the battery reaches 4.2V volt (V). When the battery voltage is 4.2V, the battery is full and the charger stops charging.

The charger keeps batteries above 4.1 V fully charged. If you want to fully charge this type of battery, you must insert it into the charger before plugging in the charger. All batteries discharge with time naturally on their own. If the batteries are stored in the charger, charging starts when the battery voltage drops below 4.1 volts.

Xtar VC4S – multifunction charger for all li-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries

Xtar VC4S is also able to charge deep discharged battery cells. Batteries with a drip to zero can be revived with Xtar chargers. The charger detects the deep discharged battery and starts it to wake up automatically. Please note! Disassembling the battery cells too empty may break the battery, and resuscitation may not be possible. Using Li-ion batteries empty reduces their capacity and service life or may render the battery completely unusable. Avoid disassembling the batteries too empty! 

Storage mode extends battery life by charging the cells to optimum voltage. A fully charged battery cell wears out faster than a 70-80% charged battery.
XTAR VC4S usb download
You can use the Xtar VC4S charger directly from a micro-usb cable from your phone's charger, power bank or even directly from the solar panel.

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 VC4S Specifications XTAR VC4S pack

Xtar VC4S includes a transport bag, a mikrousb cable and instructions for use. If you need a quick charge compatible USB adapter, see Xtar Six-U six-port USB quick charger.

English review: Xtar VC4S


”Xtar on toteuttanut monia hyviä ideoita tähän laturiin, vaikka automaattinen latausvirran valinta ei toimi aina pienimmillä akkukennoilla täydellisesti. Varastointi-lataus auttaa pidentämään käyttämättömien li-ion kennojen käyttöikää. ”

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