Battery charger for batteries – everActive NC-900U – charge all battery sizes!

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Universal Charger for Rechargeable Batteries everActive NC-900U

  • Automatic battery diagnostics and 8 independent charging locations
  • USB support
  • Charging time 6 pcs 2500mAh batteries approx. 3h
  • Processor-controlled charge: Ni-MH, Ni-Cd; 6x AA, AAA, 4x C, D, 2x 9V
  • On the display, charge each battery in percentage!

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EverActive NC-900U – Fast, reliable and versatile smart charger with USB port

Eight fully independent charging channels, a processor-controlled charging and LCD display make the everActive NC-900U charger an unrivalled tool for charging battery batteries.

Charge all Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, AA/R6, AAA/R03, C/R14, D/R20, 6F22/9V batteries! Excellent charger for Eneloop, GP ReCyko or everActive rechargeable batteries. The USB port charges your phones and similar devices.

The layout of the charging slots allows batteries of different sizes to be charged at the same time, for example:
4x AA/AAA + 2x R14 C/R20 D + 2x 9V at the same time,
3x AA + 3x AAA + 2x 9V at the same time,
6x AA/AAA + 2x 9V at the same timeOr
1x AA + 1x AAA + 3x R14 C/R20 D + 2x 9V at the same time.



everActive NC-900U charger display
The charger shows the percentage of charge status of each battery battery.





24 months warranty, manufacturer's quality guarantee! 

The charger charges all rechargeable batteries, including high capacity, intelligently. AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries are charged at the same time!

Charging the batteries

The charger determines the need to charge the battery and, if necessary, disassembles/ revitalizes the old battery before charging.

4 steps to charging
1. Dissolving – Stimulating the battery, reducing the memory effect
2. Precharging – pulsed charging, low current for cells with high internal resistance
3. Basic charging – with battery-friendly current
4. Maintenance charging – the batteries remain charged, can be activated at any time

Technical data

Supported battery types Ni-MH/Ni-Cd
1.2 V: AA/R6, AAA/R3, C/R14, D/R20
7.2 V/8.4 V: 6F22/HR22/9V
Charger voltage 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 30W
Precharging power AA/C/D-6x 500mA
AAA-6x 300mA
6F22-2x 30mA
Charging current for basic charging AA/C/D-6x 1000mA
AAA-6x 500mA
6F22-2x 60mA
Discharge current AA/C/D-6x 120mA
AAA-6x 80mA
6F22-2x 30mA
Maintenance charging AA/C/D-6x 40mA
AAA-6x 20mA
6F22-2x 3mA
USB output 5V DC, Max 500mA
Dimensions 210mm x 175mm x 48mm
Other features Automatic battery diagnostic function, discharge/recovery function, battery charge status display as a percentage for each charging location independently
Charging times R03 AAA 600mAh – 1.5 h
R03 AAA 800mAh – 2h
R03 AAA 1000mAh – 2.5 h
R6 AA 1500mAh – 2h
R6 AA 2000mAh – 2.5 h
R6 AA 2500mAh – 3h 15min
R6 AA 2700mAh – 3.5 h
R14 C 3000mAh – 4h
R14 C 4500mAh – 5h 50min
R20 D 3000mAh – 4h
R20 D 6000mAh – 7h 45min
R20 D 10000mAh – 13h
9V 6F22 150mAh – 3h
9V 6F22 200mAh – 4h
9V 6F22 250mAh – 5h

The package includes:

- Charger everActive NC-900U
-Instructions for use.

Warranty 2 years.

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