Batteries with protective circuit

In the Batteries with Protection Circuit product group, you can find batteries with built-in protection against overload, overcharging and short circuit.

Protective circuit batteries are mainly used in devices that do not have their own protective electronics, such as flashlights. If the device has its own protective electronics, the protective circuit battery may cause the device to malfunction.

The downside of the protective circuit batteries is that their power supply capacity is very limited compared to the non-protected circuit. In general, the maximum current of the 18650 battery is 10A. This way batteries with a protective circuit are not suitable for powerful, high-power demanding devices. In practice, the power range of one protective circuit battery is limited to 0W-20W.

The main advantage of the circuit battery is that the battery cannot be discharged too empty, the circuit will switch off the battery when the lowest permissible battery voltage is reached. A battery that has been discharged too empty can be damaged and the service life may be significantly reduced.

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Showing all 3 results