USB Charger – 4-Seater EverActive SC-400 4x USB 5A

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  • iQ smart charging – built-in processor control detects the rechargeable device and always charges with the best possible power
  • Performance! 4-device fast charging – 2.4A charging current per USB port
  • Charging current: 4x DC 5V / 2.4A (max. 5A)
  • Four ports, loosely enough, allow thick USB cables!


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The 4-seater USB charger everActive SC-400 offers fast charge from all USB ports with 2.4 A stream! Release the sockets for other uses by combining all the chargers on your phone/tablet/smartwatch/battery chargerinto one! Moreover, the 2.4A charging current significantly speeds up charging your devices compared to the standard 0.5A current.

We also offer fast-charging compatible USB cables with micro USB, Type-C USB and certain Lightning cables here.

  • iQ Smart charging technology always charges the best power for your device!
  • Fast charge of four devices – 2.4A per port!
  • Charging current: 4 x DC 5V / 2.4A (5A of a total of four ports) – Keeps charging at the right parameters even if you charge all night!
  • Total outlet: 25W
  • Voltage In: 100-240V~50/60Hz 600mA
  • Sturdy single piece frame


The charger has a protection against overcharging, short-circuiting and overheating. EverActive chargers are certified and tested according to EU standards, the CE marking can be found of course (unlike Chinese chargers). In addition, also EMC + LVD + ROHS2 tested.

Energy efficiency

The four-seater USB charger extends its energy efficiency to grade 5, which minimizes energy loss during operation. This means that the charger does not heat up either. The power consumption connected to the wall without any rechargeable devices is very close to 0W.

Four-seater USB Charger EverActive SC-400 Product Information:

  • Manufacturer: EverActive
  • Compatibility: all usb cables
  • 4-seater charger 4x 5V / 2.4A (max. 5A)
  • Protection: short circuit, overcharging, overheating
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 79.5g
  • In addition to the charger, the package includes a user manual

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Weight 80 g

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