Piaggio Albatross e-bike battery sensor

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Piaggio Albatross sähköpyörän akun uudelleen kennotus. Vanhat lyijyakut korvataan uudenaikaisilla litiumkennoilla, jolloin akku kevenee huomattavasti. Laturi uusitaan myös.

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The original lead-acid battery weighed 6.8 kg and had lived in time. We built a completely new sensor into the battery, which of course was connected to a new charge management system, the BMS circuit. BMS protects the battery cell from overvoltage and undervoltage and acts as a short-circuit protection. Of course, the old charger is no longer suitable for new lithium cells, so at the same time the battery charging plug was also redesigned and moved to the side of the battery, so the battery can be charged without removing it from the wheel.

The battery was built using Samsung 35E 18650 li-ion cells to get maximum capacity to the lowest possible space. The result was a 10S6P or 60 battery cell package with 36V voltage and 20.2Ah measured capacity. So the 750W power to a bike over twenty years old. Massive capacity, normal market bikes batteries are usually 10Ah. Yet the honeycomb itself weighs just over 3 pounds.

piaggio albatross sähköpyörän akku

piaggio e-bike battery sensor

Despite the high capacity, the battery would have accommodated another cell of the same type. In terms of size, a 1.5kW battery pack could be made for the wheel. 🙂

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