Rechargeable Battery AA 2000mAh Panasonic Eneloop 8pcs – Limited Edition

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Rechargeable battery asize from a quality manufacturer. Limited edition Panasonic Eneloop 2000mAh batteries in special colors! Make an environmental action – switch to rechargeable batteries! Eneloop batteries self-discharge very little and can withstand recharging up to 2100 times.

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Rechargeable Battery For AA/R6 Panasonic Eneloop Tones Earth Ni-MH 2000mAh Limited Edition

New 4th generation rechargeable Eneloop AA batteries in limited edition from the top manufacturer. The package contains eight pieces of AA batteries in four different colors. Batteries manufactured in Japan can withstand up to 2100 recharges! In addition, Panasonic has solved the problem of Ni-MH batteries in Eneloop rechargeable batteries – their self-discharge is minimal, in fact they retain their capacity better than any other battery.

Normal capacity: 2000 mAh
Minimum capacity: 1900 mAh
Voltage [V]: 1.2


– up to 2100 recharges
– maintains 70% of capacity after 10 years
"Panasonic promises operation at temperatures of -20°C, can withstand even colder
– factory charged with solar energy

Purchasing a rechargeable battery is always an environmentally friendly thing. One rechargeable battery that you get for a couple of standard batteries can replace hundreds of standard batteries, significantly reducing the amount of hazardous hazardous waste from ordinary batteries.

For example: You charge the Eneloop battery 100 times. If you could get the same capacity from an alkaline battery, you would have had to buy 100 alkaline batteries, about €1 per piece. As a bonus, the Ni-MH battery can withstand high discharge power better than the alkaline battery, so devices such as camera flash, Ni-MH battery can last up to four times longer.

Eneloop battery power output over 10 ampsat its best ! There's plenty of power!

Eneloop rechargeable batteries in AA size are the ideal solution to replace expensive batteries with high-power devices such as flash lights, cameras, wireless keyboards, game controllers, toys and various household appliances.

Always charge and use batteries together to keep them in good condition. Buytwo packs give you four sets of four batteries in different colors.

Panasonic's Eneloop range is very suitable for Finnish conditions, withstand temperatures up to 20°C. Below is a comparison table of Eneloop Ni-MH battery and corresponding alkaline battery at 0°C.

frost-resistant battery

More Eneloop test results can be found in English at:

Charge the Eneloop batteries with a Ni-MH compatible charger. You can find our recommended charger models here: Chargers for rechargeable batteries

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