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Rechargeable battery AA Eneloop Pro is the battery battery of the fourth generation with a massive 2500mAh capacity! Frost-resistant batteries run at temperatures up to -20C.

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Rechargeable battery AA Eneloop Pro is a professional battery. The latest generation of Panasonic Eneloop Pro rechargeable AA batteries are high-capacity batteries with guaranteed operation up to -20C below zero. Eneloop rechargeable batteries are pre-charged with green solar power and the charging also lasts for a long time, after 12 months there is 85% of the charge left!

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Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries are the ideal solution to replace expensive AA batteries with high-power devices such as flash lights, cameras, wireless keyboards, game controllers, toys and various household appliances.

Purchasing a rechargeable battery is always an environmentally friendly thing. One rechargeable battery that you get for a couple of standard batteries can replace hundreds of standard batteries, significantly reducing the amount of hazardous hazardous waste from ordinary batteries.

Remember to recycle your rechargeable batteries properly!

Eneloop Pro is the test winner for 2020 rechargeable batteries in both AA and AAA sizes:


Rechargeable battery AA Eneloop pro 2500mAh Specifications:

  • Reloads: 500 times
  • Minimum capacity: 2500mAh (from the manufacturer's website)
  • Rated voltage: 1.2V
  • Dimensions [mm]: ☛14.5 x 50.5


Eneloop battery tests in English: https://eneloop101.com/batteries/eneloop-test-results/

Additional information

Weight 131,00000000 g

Sliding pack, including battery compartment

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    ILE (verified author)

    The best of the market, the number of capacity-charging times with the meter,maintains its capacity for a long time,does not decompress even in freezing temperatures.

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