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Battery cells are worth it. Old batteries lose the ability to keep the current inside. Your device will have a new life when worn cells are replaced! In high-quality devices, the battery is usually the first donor.

The re-field can be used for power tools such as battery drills, industrial and medical equipment such as ultrasonic meters, radios and lamps. As a new product group, the electric bicycles are also included. Electric wheels/propellers usually use lithium batteries whoseBMS (battery management system) circuit must be kept energized during the cell.

From us Ni-MH and lithium batteries according to custom order for new or old equipment. Contact us for info @ proakku .fi and ask how your project can be implemented!


For do-it-yourself men, the batteries with soldering ears are also: https:// proakku .en/product compartment/batteries/18650-soldering ears/



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