Acebeam H30 headlamp – white 4000lm + UV light for hunters

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Super-efficient Acebeam H30 headlamp.

  • 21700 battery 5100mAh included
  • 4000 lumens light output
  • UV light for searching!
  • Via the USB-C port you charge the battery directly in the light, from any USB port
  • Also works with 18650 battery

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Acebeam H30 is Acebeam's most powerful headlamp!

Acebeam H30 uses 21,700 batteries that give a boost to 4,000 lumens of light output! The powerful XHP70.2 LED turns the night into a day. When cycling, put this on, the visitors won't see anything for at least a minute.

H30 headlight also has a red CREE XPE2-R2 630nm LED and Nichia 276A 365nm UV light! UV light shows blood and other secretions, use sufficient judgment on what you want to see. The red light is convenient for maintaining night vision.

In addition to the absurd power of Acebeam, acebeam's trademark is a modern USB-C charging directly in the lamp. The included 21700 5100mAh battery charges usb-c with quick charge with 2 a-amp power for about 2.5 hours.

The lamp has two easy-to-use buttons to change the light output or LED.

Acebeam H30 Powerful Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery

So the lamp is not only for blinding and searching for blood marks, with the lowest 3 lumens of light output that reads a book nicely.

Despite its super-efficient light, the H30 headlight is quite compact and is well suited for demanding outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, cycling or just for hiking, hiking or reading in the dark.

The H30 turns off automatically if the battery voltage is:

  • Ultra Low: 2.7V Low: 2.7V Medium: 2.7V
  • High: 2.7V Turbo: 2.9V Turbo-max.: 2.9V
  • SOS: 2.7V Red light: 2.7V Green light: 2.7V

Link to English review with cool pictures:

Acebeam H30 Headlamp Features

  • Värilämpötila: 5000K
  • 21700 5100mAh Acebeam li-ion battery included, 18650 compatibility
  • Battery charging via USB-C port 3x faster than microusb
  • Also works as a powerbank, you can charge your phone from the headlamp battery
  • Red light for dark operation saves night vision
  • Double switches – easy to use
  • 6 different brightness levels and a red SOS flasher
  • Body in aircraft aluminum
  • True brightly sanded reflector gives maximum range to light
  • All contacts are gold coated for better electrical conductivity and durability
  • Built-in temperature sensor reduces light output if overheating – does not burn a hole in your pocket
  • Lockout mode for transport, does not turn on in vain
  • Low voltage warning tells you when battery needs to be replaced/charged
  • Permissible voltage range: 3v – 8.4V
  • Can withstand drip from 1 m
  • Water resistance IPX68 recessed to 2 m
  • Dimensions: 89.4mm x 40.8mm x 29mm
  • Weight 80g without battery, 151.5 grams with battery

The package includes:

  • Acebeam H30 headlamp
  • Acebeam 21700 battery
  • The two-way USB-C charging cable
  • The headband
  • 2 spare O-rings
  • Instructions for use and warranty card

Acebeam H30 Powerful Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery Acebeam H30 Powerful Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery Acebeam H30 Powerful Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery Acebeam H30 Powerful Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery Acebeam H30 Powerful Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery 1 1 Q1

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