20700 Battery Ijoy 3000mAh 40A, flat head

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Ijoy 20700 3000mAh 40A Li-Ni battery is made for steamers for heavy duty use. High quality is ensured by Ijoy.

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Ijoy 20700 3000mAh 40A Li-Ni battery is made for steamers. The Ijoy battery is also given attention to self-discharge of the battery. Ijoy says the 20700 3000mAh 40A Li-Ni battery discharges by itself by only 0.5% of the capacity during the month.

Proakku .fi recommendation

  • maximum continuous discharge current recommended: 25A
  • Maximum operating power recommended by us: 75W

Technical data: 20700 Battery Ijoy 3000mAh 40A flat head, no protective circuit

  • Nominal capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Minimum capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Rated voltage: 3.70V
  • Normal charging: –
  • Maximum charging voltage: 4.20V (maximum voltage to which the battery can be charged)
  • Maximum charging current: 2.00A
  • Lowest cut-off voltage when disassembling: 2.50V.
  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 40A (pulsi 85A9
  • Dimensions: 70.1mm x 20.40mm
  • Weight: 63.0 g
  • Reloaded again: 500 times when decompression 8.00A continuous, remaining at least 60% of the capacity.
  • Chemistry: Li-Ni

At least these things are taken into account when using the battery!

If your battery does not have a protective circuit, remember the battery safety and correct use of the battery! Li-Ion batteries contain a lot of energy and can even explode or ignite when used incorrectly.

  • Use a high-quality charger to charge at the latest when the battery reaches 4.2V voltage.
  • Always perform charging under supervision
  • Do not disassemble the battery below the lowest discharge voltage (usually approx. 2.5V)
  • Do not exceed the maximum charging current of the battery
  • Do not exceed the maximum discharge current of the battery
  • Do not short-circuit the battery
  • Do not attempt to remove parts from the battery or otherwise mechanically
  • Do not exceed the maximum permissible battery temperature when charging or
  • Do not use batteries with a damaged cover
  • Do not attempt to remove the metal parts of the
  • Do not let the battery get wet
  • Do not connect cables or connectors to the battery with a standard soldering
  • Store batteries so that they do not touch each other
  • If your device has more than 1 battery, always use and charge them together

Additional information

Weight 63 g
Power amp

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