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 Battery packs and charging

Is your old battery out of date? Do you miss a smaller and lighter lithium battery to replace a heavy lead-acid battery?

Tell us your concerns and design a suitable battery pack together to suit your needs! The custom-made battery packs are supplied with a suitable BMS (battery management system) circuit if necessary. All our range of batteries can be built into cells of the right size and shape.

The cells are connected together with a durable and highly electrically conductive nickel fuse. The work is done on a micro-welding machine to prevent excessive heat from damaging the batteries.

re-celling battery pack
Battery cells can be used to build batteries of different sizes and shapes.

Do it with self-builders also receive loose batteries with soldering ears, see Batteries with soldering ears.

If you want to build the battery yourself, here's the english instructions on what the project contains: Instructables – Make an Inexpensive Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


Batteries for almost all battery-operated devices can be replaced, i.e. batteries. High-quality power tools are often still in full swing when the battery freezes. With a little effort, the device will have a new life, often with longer battery life. Old devices often use Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. Ni-Cd batteries contain environmentally harmful cadmium, so their use is no longer permitted in new equipment.

For example, battery drills and other hand tools, measuring instruments, short-range telephones, cashing machines, special tools and medical equipment can be rebuilt.

Lithium batteries can also be re-reused, but in general the replacement process is more complex than nickel batteries. Lithium batteries often have cell voltage monitoring electronics, which, depending on the battery, must be kept energized during cell replacement. The electronics monitor the voltages of all cells (or pairs of cells) separately.

That's why you shouldn't kennin' your laptop battery, because the work costs more than a new accessory battery. Please contact us if you need a new battery for your laptop, we will deliver it within about a week.

Inquiries preferably by e-mail to info @ proakku .fi

Include in message:

1. Desired operating voltage. In li-ion's accume surge, the voltage goes 3.7V in creased.
2. Desired capacity, or power consumption and time which battery should work on a single charge. In this case, we can calculate the capacity.
3. Maximum power input power. This specifies the cell and BMS selection to use.
4. The mechanical shape of the battery or the space in which it must fit.
5. Tightness class
6. Length of output cables and type of connector.
7. Desired charging time, this determines the type of charger. If the customer has its own charger, the type of plug of the charger – unless you install it yourself.
8. Is the battery status indicator needed.

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